Wednesday, 27 June 2007


This heart necklace by amuckdesign is made from a "Men Working" street sign, brass, and sterling silver. Very reflective and very Urban Jungle.

Saturday, 23 June 2007


This tie is a collaboration between two artists: Jason Roberson and Miriam Tobias (a.k.a mümmus). It is a vintage polyester tie with a beautiful swimming lady appliquéd on.

Saturday, 16 June 2007


Made by Artsy Java Joe is a snappy coffee can man. He stands 11" tall and 5" wide, he's made from a retro coffee can, vintage russell wright mug, bakelite sugar bowl lid, ceramic legs, game parts and glass.


Crafted from vintage fabrics, and sewn onto bright white card stock, The Aunt Doris card is part of the Spring 2007 card collection from rikrak.


This cuff by bayousalvage features a remnant from a civil war era crazy quilt appliqued onto rasberry leather & is embellished with an antique leather and brass button and a small vintage key.


Get it? Keep looking, then...Four CDs have been given new life as a wall hanging! Each is covered with pretty papers and a layer of embossing enamel. They're strung together with beads and cord and the back is neatly finished with coordinating cardstock.


Boating on the DanubeOffering is created by orangecrushed a one of a kind assemblage using layered remnants of vintage music folio, old dictionary pages, theatre ticket, calendar fish and a small verdigris bug. She is inspired by objects that litter our lives, ephemera, broken jewellery and old collectibles.