Wednesday 27 June 2007


This heart necklace by amuckdesign is made from a "Men Working" street sign, brass, and sterling silver. Very reflective and very Urban Jungle.

Saturday 23 June 2007


This tie is a collaboration between two artists: Jason Roberson and Miriam Tobias (a.k.a mümmus). It is a vintage polyester tie with a beautiful swimming lady appliquéd on.

Saturday 16 June 2007


Made by Artsy Java Joe is a snappy coffee can man. He stands 11" tall and 5" wide, he's made from a retro coffee can, vintage russell wright mug, bakelite sugar bowl lid, ceramic legs, game parts and glass.


Crafted from vintage fabrics, and sewn onto bright white card stock, The Aunt Doris card is part of the Spring 2007 card collection from rikrak.


This cuff by bayousalvage features a remnant from a civil war era crazy quilt appliqued onto rasberry leather & is embellished with an antique leather and brass button and a small vintage key.


Get it? Keep looking, then...Four CDs have been given new life as a wall hanging! Each is covered with pretty papers and a layer of embossing enamel. They're strung together with beads and cord and the back is neatly finished with coordinating cardstock.


Boating on the DanubeOffering is created by orangecrushed a one of a kind assemblage using layered remnants of vintage music folio, old dictionary pages, theatre ticket, calendar fish and a small verdigris bug. She is inspired by objects that litter our lives, ephemera, broken jewellery and old collectibles.

Saturday 26 May 2007


Giving new life to old plates, buttons, glass, and anything else in her way is how iBreakPlates creates her stunning jewelry. Have a peek t her blog for more great products


PaganoDesignWorks created this bag out of recycled wool sweaters, felted in hot water & appliqued together. Even the brown cotton yarn along the top edge is recycled from an unloved sweater. In all, seven sweaters laid down their lives for this bag!


This cotton double strap purse is made by PashaPlum using thrifted fabric. It has an interior pocket and is fully lined. If only there were one for each of us!


obuttons hand paints tiny motifs & illustrations on the surface of bottletops transforming them into earings & buttons.


Designed by savagechenille Utilizing reclaimed fabrics, these scarvlette's are designed and created using a faux chenille technique. The layering of different color fabrics with different threadcounts many times creates a soft watercolor like effect. The end result is a very soft, chenille like texture.

Friday 18 May 2007


Keep your boiled egg nice and warm in this cute soft pink egg cosy. Made with felted lambswool from a recycled jumper. It is Embellished with the word 'egg' in yellow satin ribbon (lest you forget what's underneath) Green-blue button detail.


These little guys are expertly hand-folded by origami artist Ken Murakami. Ken is meticulous (almost psycho) about getting precise, clean lines in his origami. These tiny cranes, made from part of a tea bag wrapper, are proof of his tenacious "artsiness."One part recycle art and one part traditional Japanese origami, these unique little birds are perfect for collectors, crafters, and jewelers.

Thursday 17 May 2007


Set of three gift tags on yellow and white cardstock, adorned with images from a recycled math book (published in 1978.)


This recycled book cover bag features Pinocchio and the back is King Arthur!


Here's a cute pouch made of two different measuring tapes sewn together! It closes with a strap and a flowery shaped vintage transparent button. Flapi


This wristlet purse is made with the latte colored renewable cork fabric.


This is a one of a kind transformation of a wooden wallet box into an adorable little jewelry box with the beautiful Audrey Hepburn decoupaged on the lid with a fun toile background.


Necklace made from vintage knitting needles, hand-coloured stainless steel, button and sterling silver. individually hand made & One-of-a-kind


This pretty ring started out as a pin.


Gorgeous, recycled felted wool sweater rag rug. Woven on a frame loom, using both wool for warp and weft. Making it an all recycled wool textile. 23" X 33"


This bag has so much personality! The body of the bag is made from a repurposed dark pumpkin color curtain with off-white fringe. The flower applique on the front are created from scrap cutouts.


These images have been taken from a badly deteriorating magazine from October 1893.


Put yourself in a state of style with this pendant/zipper pull/keychain thingie created from a real and really old state license plate. Each & every individual letter is hand crafted.


Set of 10 little tags recycled from some cardstock packaging. A beautiful bird has been stamped on the front in black ink.


Magiscforestcreations love recycling. ''my clay is recycled from the earth. that's why i love pottery. it can be so simple, use nothing man made or harmful, and still be incredibly useful''


Emili­n's uncle works for a local coffee roaster. Knowing of Lola and Emili­n's love of recycling/repurposing interesting fabric, he started collecting the large burlap sacks used to ship green coffee beans. Lola and Emili­n are in the process of turning these sacks into interesting and useful objects.The body of this bag is recycled burlap from the coffee sacks. You can still see parts of the original printed labels.


This little purse is made of 100% post-consumer clean, recycled aluminum beverage can tabs and nylon ribbon yarn. It has a polyester liner and magnetic snap closure on the flap. A fun and beautiful little one-of-a-kind purse!


This is a handmade, handbound book, recycled and reconstructed from a novel called "The 13th is Magic!" . The inside pages have been replaced with blank pages to become a journal. The binding is a coptic stitch made with waxed black thread.


These pretty butterfly plant picks are made from maple seed “helicopters”. kraftymomma gathers the seeds in early summer to save them from being chopped up by the lawn mower and uses them in herb crafts.Each butterfly consists of two pairs of maple tree helicopters. Since these helicopters are as unique as fingerprints they are meticulously matched in order to make the butterfly wings even!!


Tansy is a not-so-golden retriever. Oh, she's got the fluffy ears and fluffy tail, but there's something a little "off" about her. Let's just say she'll never be a show dog. (It's not her fault, of course; she had no choice but to begin life as a pair of tan socks!


Littlethings1 has created this altered art piece using a vintage wooden pear dish layered with old papers. A vintage photo of a couple couple on their wedding day, vintage lace, french wired ribbon on the bottom and a paper flower . Embelished with a silver heart that states ..forever together !


Estasketch creates these pieces entitled "My Secret Identity" series. They are mixed-media on paper, combining comic book pages, most being from around 1965-1970, with ink outlines.


Heres one for a shiny happy baby! The applique of flowerleafs are sew hand from vintage fabrics.


Bernadette has struggled for years with me over this but she has finally gained enough confidence to start looking for a new home, a new friend, a new lover, whatever the future may bring for her. Bernie enjoys snorkling, motorcycles, and eating gold fish crackers. She had a crush on Miles A. Wiggleroom for a brief period of time but has since decided that he's too much of a ladies man and she's looking for someone who can give her their utmost attention. Bernadette occasionally stumbles, especially when there are cracks in the sidewalk because it is difficult for her to control her four legs at once. She can be shy at first but once she gets to know you she's quite the motormouth.Bernadette is made from a pair of socks, cotton, blood, sweat and tears. She is about 12" tall (when she's not hunching over with poor posture) and 4" wide. She just whispered in my ear that she's looking forward to eating those goldfish with you.

Wednesday 16 May 2007


Cut from an old graphics catalog from the 1970s. Each envelopes has a different font. The catalogs were from when rub-on letters were used for creating graphics!


Felted & hand knitted bangle in a mixture of greens, blues & teal, snugly stitched over an acrylic bangle. Embellished with an embroidered green merino felt leaf, and a vintage buttons.


This is a small soldered bauble containing an image of a poppy seedpod from a 1936 dictionary. The pendant is soldered around the edges and fully on the back.


An original design hand-painted with acrylics on a recycled 12" vinyl record. The painted record is heated and sculpted into a uniquely organic flower shape. The spindle hole is sealed and the entire bowl, as well as the record label on the reverse side, has been sealed with a glossy finish. This record is a 1975 release: "Original cast - New York Shakespeare Festival - Joseph Papp presents A Chorus Line.


Highly atomic makes quirky handmade clothes reconstructed from other clothes.


Silver ball chain bracelet, with silver and black beads, & hearts made from recycled Mountain Dew cans.


Recycled Map Notecard and Matching Handmade Envelope (Yorkshire, UK)


Vintage copper filligree circles paired with fun vintage metal blue daisies. Fun and elegant, and perfectly recycled!


Reclaimed slate with corroded gold leaf and stamped brass detail.


The Ladybugs in the Garden Brooch features two lampwork ladybug beads and a number of reclaimed buttons, all wired together to create this bit of whimsy.


Wall art house made from old cypress and salvaged metal parts.