Wednesday, 16 May 2007


About 20 years ago I managed to put together my first “garbagebag”. I was studying in a handicraft-school and as exercise I had to manufacture “a gift that reflects recipient’s personality”. I was short of money and therefore had problem of getting together the material. Luckily I then visited my mother while she was cleaning her wardrobe. There I saw a solution to my problem. My mother got rid of her “garbage”, I finished my exercise for the school and my friend received “a gift that reflected her personality”.A couple of years ago I was going through my things when I realised what a wasteful way of life I was living. I had handbags and not worn out clothes all over the place. To my opinion it is sometimes necessary to cheer up everyday life with a new garment or a piece of accessory. However I wouldn´t want to be the worst case of dissipation of natural resources. At that point I remembered my experiment of recycling my mothers “garbage” and I had the idea of putting up Garbagebag.


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I am completely in love with this shop!!
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